How do I order images from different proof card codes in a single order?

When at pics4schools.com enter your first URN Code from any one of your proof card images. This will bring up photos for that card. To add photos from another card to the screen click on the "+" Add security Code button at the top right hand side of the screen. Do this for all your proof cards to combine them into one single order.

Can I order different images in a multipack or do they have to be all the same image?

Yes you can but only for some packs where is is stated MULTI IMAGE PACK. The four 8 x 6 " mounted pack and the for 10 x8 " mounted pack allow you to select any four images. You can order two of one image and one each of two of the others or three and one as long as you make clear which ones you want on the envelope and envelope. You also have the choice on-line to do this for these packs.If it is not stated as MULTI IMAGE PACK then you can only select one image for that pack. This is due to some of the packs being printed in sheets


Can the school adjust the proof card packs and prices?

Yes Jane Ellis Designs Offers a bespoke service. Jane is happy to discuss the best pricing and packages to suit the pockets of your parents.